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Unemployment Law Attorney: Employee Legal Issues

It can be a terrible shock to be suddenly fired without notice, or forced to quit due to a legitimate family emergency, discrimination or an unsafe working environment. If you applied for Unemployment Insurance and were denied benefits because your employer challenged your claim, or if you have lost a job or were forced to quit, you may need to contact a Southern California unemployment lawyer to help you to gain benefits. At our firm, The Law Offices of Cyrus Mor, we are prepared to assist you immediately. We can help you resolve unemployment insurance claims or denials, issues related to family leave, as well as cases in which an employer claims you quit, when you were actually let go. You have rights as an employee, and unfortunately, some employers violate those rights. Are you the victim of a wrongful termination, or were you fired unexpectedly, applied for UI benefits and were denied?

Unemployment Insurance, Denials of Claims, Discrimination, and Other Employment Law Matters

You may have been the victim of discrimination, or working in an unsafe work environment, leading you to be forced to quit, as any other reasonable person would have under similar circumstances. Your rights must be protected, and we are interested in hearing from you, and what happened. We know how difficult it can be to get a job, and how important employment is to the sense of wellbeing and confidence. Wrongful termination can lead to long term repercussions, and if you are in this situation, we can help you seek justice and recover compensation for what happened to you.

Filing for Benefits
If you are going to file for benefits, you want to avoid having your benefits denied. As with any government agency, the process can be complicated, and any mistake can draw out the process unnecessarily, or lead to a denial. Let us help. Read more.

Denial of Benefits
If you applied for benefits for Unemployment Insurance, State Disability Benefits, or Family Leave Benefits and were denied, you have the right to appeal that decision. The appeal process will require full supporting documentation and a professional presentation of your case. Find out more.

Unemployment Hearing
An appeal will involve a hearing. It is important that every detail of your hearing is managed by a professional that has experience in employment law and resolving these critical matters. Specific supporting data for your appeal must be gathered and presented. Read more.

Process for Appeal
The process of an appeal includes filing an Appeal Form, DE 1000A. The Appeal form must be submitted with all of the data about why the disqualification for benefits is incorrect. If you have a right to benefits under a Voluntary Plan, a hearing can be arranged with an impartial hearing, who will make a decision. Read more.

If the EDD believes you have been overpaid benefits that you should not have received, you will be issued a Notice of Overpayment, which will have the amount you owe, plus penalties. Whether you are accused of a fraudulent claim, or a non-fraud related overpayment, our firm can help. Read more.

Employee Relations
Your employee relations issues can be a positive aspect of doing business, or extremely negative. If there are no processes in place for employees to report violations and get these issues addressed internally, you can expect that eventually, you will be facing a claim related to employment law violations, or a matter related to EDD benefits. Read more.

Preventative Law
Any employer operating in Southern California should ensure that every possible protection is in place to assist in avoiding future claims, lawsuits and legal threats from employees. A review of your existing contracts, or verbal agreements with employees, with the help of a highly skilled employment law attorney could save you hundreds of thousands of dollars through proactive prevention. Read more.

Matters related to unemployment insurance can go off the rails. You applied and were denied, as your employer accused you of something that affected your eligibility. We know how difficult these situations are, and exactly what to do to help you get your case back on track. You may have become pregnant, and have the right to family leave, under state law, but when you returned to work, your position had been lost. This is illegal. Find out how we can help you, no matter what the situation. Our firm offers personalized legal services to employees, and you can be confident that you have a true advocate on your side. Call today.

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