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Preventative Law

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As an employee, there are several actions you can take to protect yourself if you are working in an unsafe environment. If you are the victim of sexual harassment, discrimination, or are forced to work in conditions that are unsafe, you have every right to move on. An employer could dispute your claim if you quit, and it could be extremely valuable to have documentation in place that supports the fact that you were forced to leave a job. The types of preventative measures you could take include keeping a personal log of every comment or condition that is a violation of safety regulations or your rights. Ensure that you report any violation to the company, and put it in writing. Keep a copy for yourself, and mark down the date that you submitted the information to the company. If you have documented what has occurred, and recorded, photographed and otherwise kept evidence, it can make your case far easier to resolve.

Documenting Your Case by Preserving Evidence of Violations

If you have not done any of these preventative actions, it will be necessary to gather supporting evidence for your UI claim. We can assist you with any part of the process, but urge you to begin keeping evidence. If you have rude or abusive emails, or any other form of evidence, keep it safely. If you have a voicemail message that includes profanity, abuse or discusses any illegal or unsafe procedures, save it as evidence.

At our firm, The Law Offices of Cyrus Mor, we serve as counsel in all cases related to unemployment insurance and EDD matters. We have helped many employees recover money from an employer who has failed to follow the rules, whether in safety, employment law or by protecting employees from sexual harassment, dangerous working environments, illegal actions or other types of violations. Contact us today for more information about preventative law.

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