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Employers in Southern California must be protected against legal threats from employees. There is a great quantity of claims filed for Unemployment Insurance, as well as claims related to wrongful termination, sexual harassment, claims regarding an unsafe work environment, as well as discrimination. Each of these matters is serious, and the outcome can have significant financial damage if not addressed carefully and correctly. At The Law Offices of Cyrus Mor, our Southern California employment lawyer can offer legal representation on a personal, one-on-one basis. We never turn our clients over to a legal assistant, paralegal or other staff member, but we offer our legal services from an attorney, who takes the necessary time to serve you. We are cost-effective, so you can get the professional legal services you need without having to pay big-firm prices. Find out more about how we can help you get your legal issue under control, and resolved by reading our informational pages.

Voluntary Quits
If a person voluntarily quits your company, he or she does not have the right to seek Unemployment Insurance benefits. Unfortunately, the employee could claim various situations took place, or that he or she was fired, rather than quit your company. We can help you resolve these matters in a cost-effective manner. Read more.

Firing an employee can lead to legal problems. The employee could file a claim against you for wrongful termination, or seek Unemployment Insurance benefits that are not deserved. We should review your situation immediately to help you determine the best way to bring this issue under control, and avoid the significant losses your company could face. Read more.

Companies hire and fire, but the firing could lead to problems. Are you considering a number of layoffs? We urge you to connect with our firm so you can avoid future legal claims against you from employees who feel that the termination was unfair, or a failure to issue a notice as required leads to excessive penalties and financial losses. Find out more.

The EDD manages payroll taxes, as well as matters such as Unemployment Insurance, Family Leave Benefits and some other legal matters. It is vital that you have legal representation when dealing with an EDD matter. The state has the right to access company bank accounts if it is believed you failed to pay your payroll taxes. An employee could file a claim that he or she does not have a right to, and you will need to manage this issue carefully, and we can help. Read more.

Contact our firm for all employment law or EDD legal matters. We serve employers throughout Southern California.

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